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Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities

Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities

Companies have repeatedly faced the challenge of resource scarcity resulting from competition, weather related impacts, economic factors, geopolitics and policies.  In many instances, companies have successfully met these challenges through a variety of innovations - managerial, technological, governance, and financial. However, after many centuries of growth, the sustainability challenges that businesses face today have fundamentally changed.  Where past challenges were local and isolated, the challenges companies face are global and interconnected due to the reliance on supply chains distributed around the world.  

Dr. Golden and the Duke Center are internationally known for the innovative work on the nexus of Supply Chain and Sustainability including Dr. Golden conceiving and founding the Sustainability Consortium, providing technical expertise on Nike's Material Sustainability Index and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's Higg Index.   

Now the Center is supporting manufacturers, brands and retailers in developing organizational strategies, user-friendly models and tools to more effectively examine near-term and longer-term risks associated with the utilization of renewable and non-renewable resources sourced from around the world.  These include developing models which explore:

  • The role of severe weather and climate uncertanity
  • Competition for feedstocks based on shifting demographics and increasing affluence 
  • Role of emerging technologies such as the expansion of biobased products
  • Geopolitical instability
  • Emerging policies, regulations and institutional purchasing pressures