As the faculty, students and staff of the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce research topics we will provide for you some of the most interesting general interest and technical articles on systems sustainability.

The BRICs as Drivers of Global Consumption
BRICs Monthly

Latin America’s Middle Class: Adios to Poverty, Hola to Consumption
The Economist

Brazil’s Growing Middle Class Wants the Good Life, Right Now
The Economist

Corporate Sustainability: A Progress Report

Water’s Scarcity Spells Opportunity for Entrepreneurs
The New York Times

Water Scarcity Could Affect Billions: Is this the Biggest Crisis of All?
Common Dreams

Water Scarcity
European Environment Agency

Scarcity of New Energy Minerals May Trigger Trade Wars
Science Daily

How Markets May Respond to Resource Scarcity: The Goldilocks Syndrome
Energy Bulletin

Choke Point: China-Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country
Circle of Blue

Rising Energy Demand Hits Water Scarcity “Choke Point”
Global Geopolitics & Political Economy

China’s Water Plight: Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country

Water Scarcity Prompts Different Plans to Reckon with U.S. Energy Choke Point
Circle of Blue

All About Food Wastes

One Country’s Table Scraps, Another Country’s Meal
The New York Times

How to Leverage Sustainability Initiatives for Finance Transformation
Business Finance

Can the Planet Feed us?

4 Visions of How Technology and Innovation will Feed the Planet

The Race to Feed the Planet: Why we Need a Green Revolution to Stop Hunger
Der Spiegel

Averting Water Wars in Asia
The New York Times

Unintended Consequences
The New York Times

Greenhouse Affect
The Wall Street Journal