bluprintsA growing number of standards and best-management practices are being developed by everyone from financial institutions to trade organizations as interest in sustainable infrastructure increases. Most of these standards call for goverment, developers, engineers and construction firms to incorporate considerations for the community and its inhabitants, natural resources and ecological services when developing infrastructure projects.

In this section, you will find a list of organizations at the forefront of this effort, including the applicable international standards used to promote more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

The World Bank
The World Bank support the development of energy, transport and water infrastructure throughout the globe by providing investment lending and advisory services. The bank's activities are guided by the Sustainable Infrastructure Action Plan (SIAP) and the Infrastructure Recovery and Assests Platform (INFRA).

United Nations
The U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean have released a preview of the guidelines titled, "Are we Building Competitive and Liveable Cities?" The guidelines address the development of eco-efficient and sustainable urban infrastructure in Asia and Latin America.

American Society of Civil Engineers
The ASCE has developed a "report card" on American Infrastructure that incorporates sustainability imperatives. As presented, the United as a nation is failing to maintain safe and sustainable infrastructure.

Institution of Civil Engineers
Founded in 1818, the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) represents nearly 80,000 members around the world. ICE has developed various programs to address planning, procurement, delivery, maintenance and disposal of infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

International Organization for Standardization
ISO/TS 21931-1:2006 Sustainability in Building Construction, framework for methods of assessment for environmental performance of construction works. Part 1: Buildings.

ISO 21930:2007 Sustainability in Building Construction, environmental declaration of building products.

ISO/TS 21929-1:2006 Sustainability in Building Construction, sustainability indicators. Part 1: Framework for development of indicators for buildings.