gDiapers offers a flushable, plastic free alternative to disposable diapers that offers the conveniences of a disposable diaper while preserving some of the environmental benefits of cloth diapers. The project was born of personal necessity, and has grown into a well known product as new parents seek out alternatives to traditional diaper choices.

Company Name: gDiapers

Headquarters Location: Portland Oregon

Number of Employees: 18


Year Featured Product Introduced: 2006

Name of Inventor: Sue Allison-Rogers, gDiapers has licensed the technology from Sue.

Manufactured in: USA and China

Available at: Babies R Us; Kroger; Whole Foods Market; HEB;;;;;

Environmental claim verification: ASTM, Cradle to Cradle

Environmental Innovations & Benefits (as told by gDiaper):

The only 100% certified biodegradable diaper (ASTM D6400) and the first CPG certified Cradle to Cradle ( The diaper can be home composted (wet-ones only), commercially composted (where available) or flushed, our customers can avoid adding diaper waste to landfill. Every day in the US 50,000,000 diapers are put into landfill where they stay for up to 500 years. We use to offset 100% of CO2 emissions for all shipments to consumers.  The gPant is plastic-free (thanks to gBreathe technology) unlike other cloth diaper covers that use polyester, gBreathe allows the diaper to breathe and reduces diaper rash. More details:

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