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Expert Available to Comment on Release of Higg Index

Expert Available to Comment on Release of Higg Index

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, for which the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce is a member, released a protype of the Higg Index Thursday.

The Index allows brands, factories and chemical manufacturers to score the relative sustainability of their products. Eventually, it aims to provide the data to consumers.

Jay Golden, PhD
Director of the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University.
Associate Professor of the Practice for Sustainable Systems Analysis

Golden was the founder and former co-director of the Walmart led Sustainability Consortium, an organization dedicated to making goods and products more sustainable. At Duke, he led the international group of academics in the technical review for both the Nike Material Sustainability Index and the Higg Index.

“The release of the Higg Index marks a transition point for global commerce. Companies no longer are simply striving to promote all the good things they do for the environment, their employees and the communities they are in. Now, businesses must quantify the level of environmental impact of their goods and services.”

“With this tool, we are one major step closer to the day sustainability is no longer a nebulous term that cannot be uniformly and scientifically evaluated. In industry, those who do not understand and implement the technical and organizational innovations risk losing substantial business. For the consumer, they will see new product designs and, in the near future, be empowered through a product sustainability label to make a purchase based on costs, performance and the level of sustainability of a product and brand."