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About the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce

The Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce partners with industry leaders around the globe to find meaningful ways to make products and goods more sustainable.

The Center offers many opportunities to understand and effectively prepare organizations to meet the many domestic and global sustainability policies and industry initiatives that currently exist as well as others that are materializing.

As a partner of the Center, Caterpillar will have the opportunity to interact with internationally recognized leaders who are creating the next generation of technological and organizational innovations to promote sustainability. Members gain valuable insights on programs to drive efficiencies with suppliers, real-time information on pressing sustainability issues such as consumer use of products, mineral & biological resource and water availability trends, manufacturing efficiencies, product benchmarking and systems & life cycle modeling. With this information, organizations can more effectively prioritize research agendas, sales and marketing strategies, reduce financial risks to investors and ensure compliance with emerging sustainability regulations.

Beyond this, the Center allows your organization to interact with multidisciplinary research teams of students from across Duke University. The Center places graduate-level multidisciplinary student teams, trained in sustainable systems and life cycle analytics, with organizations to help them address real-world sustainability issues.

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