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The Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce does not advocate for any individual organization nor is it designed to set standards. Rather, we strive to be a place that supports independent, transparent and rigorous sustainability research that can be used by decision makers to meet global sustainability challenges for commerce.

Director's Dialogue is the Center's outlet for communicating about our research efforts and events, as well as sharing interesting news items, ideas and information from the sustainability world. I hope this blog will provide you an intimate look at our partnerships with government agencies and industry.

July 24, 2014

Center Fellows Go To Vietnam to Research Apparel Sector

I am pleased to have two guest bloggers post today.  Duke graduate students Britsy Neale and Tatyana Brown who are Fellows of the Center were funded to travel to Vietnam to research the global apparel sector and represent the Center at the global meeting of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. 

February 18, 2013

Urban Sustainability Workshop Proceedings

During October 25-26, 2012 the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce hosted a workshop at EPA RTP on Urban Sustainable Systems Research.  This worhshop was co-hosted by the U.S. EPA Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program and the Institute for the Environment at the Univesity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

July 11, 2012

Center to Re-Examine World3 Model

We are quickly approaching the 40th anniversary of one of the most transcendent and influential books in the domain of sustainability, Limits to GrowthIn their report to the Club of Rome, authors Donnella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers and William Behrens III provided insights into how population growth and industrialization would impact the availability of finite resources and the environmental conditions of our planet.

July 6, 2011

Greening the NFL: A Deeper Look behind the Teams and Stadiums

Guest post by Christopher Noonan, Sustainability Intern

I recently came across an article about the National Football League’s efforts to become more responsible stewards of the environment. The article immediately grabbed my attention as it combined my two loves: the environment and sports.

May 9, 2011

A Word of Advice for Corporations

Your Sustainability Messaging Could be Doing you Harm

It is the end of Duke University's spring semester. The last two weeks have been dedicated to team presentations in my Environmental Life Cycle Assessment class. The class has about 70 graduate students from the Nicholas School of the Environment, Fuqua School of Business and the Pratt School of Engineering. Many of these students are dual degree candidates obtaining an MBA and Master of Environmental Management.

April 18, 2011

The Evolution of Corporate Sustainability

Do you recognize it?  Whether you are a business manager or academic you probably noticed the world of sustainability is going through a significant transition. You may remember when environmental health and safety was the focus for companies after environmental incidents such as Love Canal and Bhopal during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

March 25, 2011


I feel a great privilege in being able to reach so many of you through our new site. It’s been about 7 months since I arrived at Duke University and provided the opportunity to develop and direct the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce. Our team is as diverse as our audience. The researchers and students at the Center include engineers, physical, life and social scientists as well as business and policy professionals.

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