Report to Congress Garners International Attention

Report to Congress authored by researchers at the Duke Center for Sustainability and Commerce has received major attention from media in the US and abroad.  The report "An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S.

Industrialization of Oceans

Off shore exploration and production of oil, natural gas, and wind as well the expansion of ports and shiping lanes is a focus area of faculty and students at the Duke Center for Sustainability and Commerce.  For the last two years our team has been undertaking deliberate examinations of the environmental and economic implications

Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities

Companies have repeatedly faced the challenge of resource scarcity resulting from competition, weather related impacts, economic factors, geopolitics and policies.  In many instances, companies have successfully met these challenges through a variety of

LCA Expert Dr. Jesse Daystar Joins Center

Dr. Jesse Daystar has joined the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce and will be directing LCA related research and industry consulting projects as the Assistant Director of Corporate Sustainability Programs.

Bioeconomy Report Receives National Attention

The USDA issues a press release and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture promotes a joint Duke & N.C. State University Report on the emergent Bioeconomy

Dialogue with the Director

Center Fellows Go To Vietnam to Research Apparel Sector

I am pleased to have two guest bloggers post today.  Duke graduate students Britsy Neale and Tatyana Brown who are Fellows of the Center were funded to travel to Vietnam to research the global apparel sector and represent the Center at the global meeting of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. 


Water & Manufacturing

Many times organizations focus on new and emerging technologies as solutions to reduce both water and energy consumption in their own and their supplier manufacturing facilities.  At the Duke Center for Sustainability & Commerce our researchers and students also continually explore ways to create technological innovations.

Quick Facts

Rare Earth Metals

You may not realize it, but the average American has become highly dependent on Rare Earth Metals for many aspects of their daily life.  However, the future availability of these metals may be at risk due to a variety of factors including consumption rates of an increasing global middle class as well as geopolitics.